Category: Heidegger in english
Submitter: Murilo Cardoso de Castro


Lose, losing (verlieren):

1. Said of Dasein: lose oneself: See instead lostness below; the being of its there, 237; its being-in-the-world, 236, 238; its life, 238; time, 404, 410, 418, 425. See also death; transition; within-time-ness; wholeness; world time

2. Said of things at hand: their handiness, 73-74, 361; their sign-character, 81. See also modification; obtrusiveness

3. Said of spatiality of innerworldly things at hand; its character of relevance, 112

4. Said of the world: its character of aroundness, 112. See also circumspection; "just looking"; modification; science

5. Said of something original: its originality, 36, 127 (and its power of mystery). See also concealment; cover up; idle talk (BT)

Submitted on:  Mon, 22-Jul-2019, 21:56